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This is my team

Charity Oped Day at Turra Lodge Farm
Charity open-day at Turra Lodge Farm

Family is the most important thing in life.

Even though we may not always get along, we always have one another’s back. I could never explain the amount of support within this team.

Growing up we watched both our parents run their own companies. My mum was a graphic designer in a local printing company before she opened up her own playschool in Kildare. When we moved to Carlow, she took a few years to focus on being super-mum before opening Turra Crafts. Dad was a Sergeant Fitter in the Irish Defence Forces and also ran his own carpentry company, 'Kitchen Works'. Upon retirement from the Defence Forces he began trading as 'Environmental Heat Solutions' which is still his job to date.

As you can see, entrepreneurship is in our DNA.

We have always been encouraged to build our dreams and follow our intuition.

From this belief and support we have a family with a very unique set of skills.

For example; I am a Beauty Therapist, studying Marketing and Business with qualifications in Garden Design and Maintenance and I can also prepare a sandwich safely as I’m HACCP qualified.

Now bear in mind I have four other siblings…

The skills of this team are definitely unique!

​But it’s not down to the skills that gets things done.

It's about the team effort. Working together and supporting one another.

“All Hands on Deck” is a common phrase from my mother. I have countless memories with my family, but the best ones are of those where we are all working together on a project. ​From digging foundations to mucking out the sheds, we do it as a team. “Many hands make light work”. Without this team I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the life I have today. ​ Maybe one day I will inform them of my appreciation but for now I'll stick to the loving verbal abuse toward one another.


Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I hope you enjoy your time here learning about the strange story that is my life.

I'm just a flower child following the wind and seeing where it takes me next.

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