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Homemade Drink Protectors Offer Safety Amidst Drink Spiking Crisis

After finding myself awake thinking about this issue of peoples drinks being spiked at 1.30 Saturday night I designed a drink protector.

In an attempt to help keep others safe and help protect people in bars and nightclubs I am sharing this easily made cardboard disk which sits on the top of your drink to prevent attackers from spiking your drink.

The design is a simple 10cm disk with a hole in the centre for your drinking straw and two tabs which fold into the glass to hold your cover in place. An item anyone can make on their own with the use of a scissors and some cardboard from a cereal box even.

I want to share this design with as many people as possible in the hope they can arm themselves with the tools to protect themselves and their friends and return to being able to enjoy a girl’s night.

I am also drawn to wonder if this is a thing that can be offered by the venues themselves. They are already providing us with beer mats to protect their tables so why not provide customers with drink protectors to protect themselves.

I do not have the means to make these in mass production otherwise I would and provide them to anyone who needed them. But I am sure there is someone out there that would have the facilities to make them and make them available to us all to purchase just as we do a pair of heel protectors for our night out.

I will be working with my college Student Union this week to create as many of these protectors as possible which will be distributed to students throughout campus.

I want his device to go further than just my own campus so if anyone out there is capable of creating these or knows anyone who might please contact me so together we can make bars safe for us all to enjoy once again.

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