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Who is Flower Child?

My name is Alexandria Kelly.

My hobbies are always evolving and interests expanding.


I love learning, so trying new things and exploring different adventures is my daily life.


I go from fishing to gardening, to making a bench to watch the sunset from. Even I don’t know what the next adventure is going to be, but sure unpredictable adventures make interesting memories.

Nature is my passion. Something about a green field or a garden of flowers that calms my soul. I also have a strange urge to climb any hill I see… but let’s talk about that another time.

Turra Lodge Farm is my home.

Irish Girl Holding Pet Pygmy Goat


It has been my home since 2002 and it is the place that quiets my madness and keeps me sane.


It’s a farm… of sorts.


More of a mad house with a lot of animals. From miniature horses and pygmy goats to pot-bellied pigs and a snowy owl.

Growing up with 4 siblings, the pets got out of hand some stage back in 2006.


Moving five kids from the town of Naas to the countryside with acres of land, and soon enough, saying “we don’t have space for a goose” becomes null and void.

As much as I love all the animals and pets, the gardens are my baby! My late Nana who also lived at Turra Lodge Farm is the one to blame for my obsession.


I say passion, mum says obsession… I say “I need more plants”.

Natural Red Haired Girl In White Jumper Denim Jeans and Brown Boots Beside Water

Nana had a love for the garden. I have fond memories of both my Mum and Nana designing and planting gardens as my Dad worked on building the house.


Green fingers does not describe this woman! She just had a way with nature, and apparently it has been passed along to me too.

Turra Lodge Farm is built on the site of an abandoned coal mine so for her to be able to develop the gardens she did, the woman had skill.


I have always had an enjoyment for the garden but things really kicked off back in 2018 when I developed the lake house garden. From here, the passion snowballed into creating different spaces within the garden.


I’m all about perspective so creating different areas of enjoyment around the farm is the aim of the game.

My parents have allowed me creative freedom within the gardens (to an extent… I haven’t been allowed build a tower on the hill… yet anyway).


For some reason they trust my madness so early in 2020 I decided I would go get some sort of qualification to justify the madness which led me to garden design and maintenance.

So, to make a long story short, I grow things. I cut bits off other things and make more things. I then plant those things to make bigger things.
I also have a love for DIY and crafts.
I’m a “hands on”, “I’ll give it a shot” kind of girl.
If it doesn’t work the first time, step back and try again.

And if that fails… Call Dad.


There is something about making something with your hands that gives a satisfaction like no other. Something to be proud of no matter how wonky it looks. From furniture to gifts I’ve made a lot (or at least tried).

This blog plans to take you on a journey through the DIY life and garden projects here at Turra Lodge Farm. I also plan to post any other notable events or happenings so make sure to subscribe for updates.

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